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Nature makes the best medicines

Nature’s chemistry has inspired some of the world’s most important and valuable therapies. Medicines that have shaped the course of human health and longevity. The antibiotic penicillin, the chemotherapeutic taxol, the cholesterol-lowering statins – all are derived from chemistry engineered and optimized by nature.

Harnessing this ingenuity has the potential to reshape medicine.


FDA-approved small-molecule drugs derived from nature



FDA-approved small-molecule drugs derived from nature



FDA-approved small-molecule drugs derived from nature


Mapping nature’s pharmacy

We are on a mission to build a functional map of the world’s natural chemistry,
leveraging AI to uncover its enormous potential to improve health and well-being.

And we are putting this chemistry to work to address the greatest health challenges of our time.

Our Development Programs

Our first campaigns are focused on improving brain health through solutions to neurodegeneration and mental health disorders.


Neurodegenerative disorders represent some of the greatest challenges to human health, longevity and quality of life. These diseases have devasting effects on patients and their families while imposing massive burdens on society as a whole. With dementia rates expected to rise dramatically in the coming decades, there is desperate need for new strategies to prevent, manage and counteract the impacts of neurodegeneration and age-related cognitive decline. We are working to develop these transformational therapies, using nature as our blueprint.

  55M+    people suffer from dementia worldwide.

By 2030, the economic burden will exceed  $2.8 Trillion

 Someone in the world develops dementia every 3 seconds  

Mental Health

After decades of stigma and limited therapeutic options, mental health is finally being recognized as a critical part of well-being. And yet, mental disorders are on the rise globally, with depression and anxiety now affecting upwards of 900 million people. These diseases, however, can be treated, and as we learn more about their root causes and mechanisms, there is reason to be optimistic. Natural products have garnered substantial interest in this field, and for good reason. Plant and fungal compounds continue to show promise in providing relief to patients suffering from these debilitating diseases. We are bringing hard science and cutting-edge technologies to the table to help realize the full potential of this chemistry.

  970M+    live with a mental disorder.

Severe mental health conditions shorten lifespans by   10-20 years  

  50%    of the world’s population will experience a mental health disorder.


We are committed to delivering innovations that dramatically impact human health and well-being. Our discovery programs focus on developing first-in-class and best-in-class medicines with the potential to address critical areas of unmet medical need. And in this, the science is paramount. Strong evidence-based hypotheses guide are efforts to identify opportunities where nature’s chemistry has significant potential to impact human biology and disease.