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Uncharted natural chemistry

Much of the natural world’s chemistry remains unstudied, uncatalogued and unknown. We are working to address this gap by building one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of natural products, leveraging modern automation, OMICs technologies and AI to fill in the enormous chemical white space.

An eye to exploration

We are exploring untapped natural ecosystems to identify and catalog nature’s uncharted chemistry. Through these efforts, we are building a world-unique chemical library comprising a wealth of newly discovered bioactive molecules. This serves as the perfect starting point in our quest to develop new therapeutics.

Prolific Natural Chemists

We are hunting for new chemistry in an incredible natural reservoir for medicine – fungi. These organisms have been the source of some of the most important therapeutics in history and we believe they hold the key to addressing some of the great medical challenges of our time.

Into the wild

We are after the underexplored. In the wild, interspecies interactions are extremely complex, involving interplay between hundreds of microbes, plants, animals, and diverse environmental factors. Laboratory conditions can never replicate these conditions. Drug discovery from wild fungi presents a unique opportunity to uncover new chemicals with potential to serve as drugs.

We are also after macrofungi, the group of fungi which form visible ‘mushrooms.’ The only practical route to obtain pure macrofungi is to culture them directly from fruiting bodies found in the wild. As a result, legacy collections only represent a small fraction of the macrofungi that exist. We are addressing this gap with a bold campaign to assemble a library that captures the full diversity of macrofungi found in nature.

A land of uninterrupted evolution

Kapoose Creek is situated in the heart of a coastal rainforest on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island. This picturesque and relatively untouched area of Canada was missed by the last ice-age, and as a result, is rich with unique biodiversity. Our on-site, off-grid research station provides us with unparalleled access to an enormous diversity of fungi, and their chemistry, as it exists in nature.

Welcome to Kapoose Creek

The Kapoose Creek Fungal Library


samples of fungi and growing


of the library is macrofungi


of the library comprises novel strains